Day in the Life


what I’ve been doing the past week and a half

Iron Man hall of armor and Finding Nemo sub area at night~ This is from two weeks ago

From when I went to Shinsengumi’s AYCE a few weeks ago~ So good

Oct 7

Halloween Time at Disneyland and some peeps from the event this past Friday (going again this Friday)

I got two things in the mail today!!

The first thing is buttons I ordered from Ruuko/readysetjeans, which was a set of her DMMD buttons! She’s sold out of the set, but you can buy them idividually here:

The second item I got in the mail is the beautiful comic Fantasy Basketball by Sam Bosma! He’s making another print of it so you can order/pre-order it here: or you can get a digital copy here:


Today my mom’s friend had a dinner thing for her daughters bithdays so we got invited to Vegas Buffet! I didn’t really take that many pics of food, but I took pics of Americana and these frog this that spit out water lol

I got a package from my friend Mari today ;A; WAH!!!

Volume 1 of TINF (This is not Fiction) arrived in the mail today *rubs face on it* It’s so nice aaaaaaaahhh

Earlier I went out with my friend from 3rd grade but I don’t have any photos from that….INSTEAD I present to you the dinner I went to with my family with the waiter who looks like Matt Smith!! My dad told him we thought he looks like Matt Smith and he told us that over the past 2 days 4 people told him that and they even back to back parties that told him that! He’s a really great waiter and I’m tempted to call that Cheesecake Factory to find out his hours lol